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Software Architect
& Developer.
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let coding = "safe";
Why trusting in Rust?
Since the introduction of the Rust programming language, there is no longer an excuse to write legacy software in an unsafe programming language. NICKOL helps you building safe, reliable and fast applications using Rust.
The Rust standard library was designed with security and safety as the top priorities. Expect cryptographically secure hash algorithms and comparators as well as array bound checks to protect you from runtime errors and unexpected runtime behavior.
Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language. It is influenced by imperative procedural, functional and object oriented programming languages.
Memory- and thread-safety are ensured by the ownership model of Rust. Stop fighting null pointer exceptions or dangling pointers. Welcome compiler errors in exchange to a reliable software system.
The influence of functional programming allows to quickly create code that does what it is supposed to do. The tools around Rust do a great job to boost your productivity in delivering code.
Fun to use
Fun to use
Build on a solid foundation with superb tool support. Feel the power of writing reliable code you can trust. Find unsafe parts of your program easily.
Rust is compiled by LLVM to machine code. It uses zero-cost abstractions to deliver advanced features using macros or templates which are compiled down to handwritten code.
let cooperation = "easy and fast";
Why trusting in NICKOL?
I'm passionated about programming languages and software architecture. I can offer a great versatility of skills, entrepreneurial behavior and solution-oriented thinking in areas such as Software Architecture, Software Design and Software Development in Rust and Java.
// Alexander Nickol
Software Architecture

As a software architect, I help companies organize and streamline their development process and support them in solving difficult software architecture problems.

Versatility of Skills

In the past, I have been able to prove myself in many different roles, always looking for simple and very effective solutions:

  • Software Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Technical Lead
  • Team Lead
  • Project Management
  • Moderator
  • Software Developer
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) Officer according to ISO 27001:2017

In the projects I have worked with various technologies, including:

  • Java (e.g. with Spring Boot)
  • Rust
  • Ruby (e.g. with Ruby on Rails)
  • Typescript + Javascript (e.g. with Angular)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud Platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean)
  • CI/CD (e.g. Github, Gitlab, Jenkins)
  • Solana Blockchain
  • NEAR Blockchain

Agile Software Development
As a certified "Scrum Master (PSM I)" and "Product Owner (PSPO I)" I have many years of experience in working and leading Scrum teams.
Passionated About

I have a variety of tools in my toolbox that includes:

  • Domain Driven Design
  • Clean Code Development
  • Architectural Thinking
  • The Twelve-Factor Apps
  • Agile Software Development
  • Microservices + Modulith
  • Conway's Law
  • Release It!
  • Design It!
  • Pragmatic Programmer
  • Test Driven Development
  • Programming Languages (Java, Rust, Ruby)

fn start() { working = "true" };
Let’s start cooperating.
NICKOL offers professional services to help you grow as a company. The main focus relies in building faster and more secure applications build on blockchain technology with Rust.

NICKOL takes away the pain of adapting new technologies and help you introduce them.

// Blockchain Development
Smart Contracts
NICKOL helps you developing smart contracts written in Rust for the NEAR and Solana blockchain.
NFT Markets
Non-fungible tokens are on the rise. Either you want to build a marketplace for exchanging digital assets or you want to build a custom solution build on NFTs - NICKOL can help.
Decentralized Financial Systems
Blockchain technology enabled trustless, decentralized, distributed, consensus based, faster and more secure finance applications. Whether you are building new trading systems, platforms or marketplaces, NICKOL can support your IT designing the right solution for your business.
// Software Architecture
Software Architecture Evaluation
Already seeing some benefits from Rust or another new technology, but not quite sure how to implement it or introduce it through an MVP? NICKOL helps you evaluate your software architecture, look with you at your technical debt and opportunities for software modernization.
Legacy Software Modernization
NICKOL supports you modernizing your legacy application landscape and infrastructure. Whether you're struggling technically or organizationally, I am looking forward to meeting your challenges.
Software Architecture Consulting
A clear technical vision for your IT landscape is critical to ensure that the software being developed meets not only the functional but non-functional requirements, too.

Software architecture helps you to meet these requirements and at the same time to keep the overall costs of your software low. NICKOL helps you finding the best software architecture decisions for your business.

// Software Development with Rust
Training & Support
You already see the benefits of Rust and want to introduce it to your teams, but still need a little kickstart. NICKOL help you overcome the steep learning curve at the beginning of learning Rust through trainings or individual support.
Software Development in Rust
You have a project in mind and need support with the implementation? NICKOL can help you make your wishes come true. I support you with your projects, starting at the vision, through development, until deployment and training of your customers, to realize your business plans.
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Feel free to contact me.
I hope that you have found a lot of useful information on NICKOL's website. However, if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to help you with your problems and to turn your ideas into reality.
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